PT. MCL Trans Indonesia or better well known as MCL, was set up in March 2002.
With Head office based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at that time, slowly but sure, MCL today has managed to have our wholly own offices in Indonesia Main Cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.MCL has developed to become a well-known and respected company amongst its competitors due to our proven track records of professional services and reliability in the International freight forwarding and logistic service industry.
Give trust and you’ll get double in return
Kees Kamies

Trust Our vision is to be a Hi-Tech Global Logistics Provider, thus in order to give our clients excellent service, we have also computerized our operations to keep our work flow effective and efficient.We provide under one roof total logistic and freight clearance services. Therefore clients have no worry about the safety in receiving their cargoes.

Our clients’ confidence towards our services is our top priority, and we always value the compliments from satisfied clients.

We always try to respond to our clients’ requests and demands steadily. Our clients contribute substantially to our revenue, so as we are committed to deliver top-of-the line service.This will also give us a competitive edge over other local companies’ standards of service and enables us to communicate easier and faster with our overseas partners and our local clients.

You can be assured that we will keep on adding value to our services through continuous upgrading of skills and technology in order to stay one step ahead of the fast changing commercial world.

We are always fully committed to providing highest possible quality and professional service that cater for your company’s needs.

We are real people with fun and challenging work environment, get to know us more